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The story so far...


My name is Steve Hoselitz and I make functional, decorative hand-thrown stoneware pots from my small ceramic studio in South Wales

I think most of my work speaks for itself - and everyone will see it slightly differently. But my big influences have been the pottery of ancient China and Japan.

I use white slip as a decorative device and colour my work with oxides and apply transparent or celadon glaze. This has become a safe base from which I am experimenting further.

A little history

I have been making pots for about 50 years - since I learnt the basics at secondary school at 11.

Later I continued my interest in ceramics at evening classes while I worked as a journalist in London, the North of England and later South Wales.

In 2006 I decided to build my own studio and start to become more than an occasional evening class potter. So I scaled back my work as a journalist – and Wainfield Pottery was born.

It is based in a wonderful log cabin which was built from a kit in the garden of Wainfield Farm.

I acquired a gas kiln from my last college - which, so sadly, was closing its former world-class ceramics department. Other equipment has gradually arrived.


I was really lucky to have an inspirational pottery teacher at school, Peter Elbra.

Later I was helped and encouraged by college lecturers like Ken Gunn (Blackpool) and Joan Doherty (Royal Forest of Dean).

I have also been really lucky to draw on the knowledge and support of South Wales Potters members - notably Steve Mills Jeff Taylor and, in particular, the late Sue Bentley.




A selection of work from a recent firing